Twitch & Commissions

I am back home for a few week stretch!  That means I am back to a regular Twitch schedule.

Wednesday July 12, 6-9pm est – Japanese Wood Spirit Quilt
Friday July 14 – 1-4pm est – Amazon Warrior Quilt

If you didn’t catch the Twitch stream last Friday, we showed you again how we build the monstrosity.  This time it was a corner booth for Heroes and Villains Nashville.

Follow my You Tube channel to see all of the live streams and any tutorials I create!

If you watch my commission schedule, you may have noticed it is quite long.  I am also adding a TON of conventions in October/November.  So for this reason I will be officially closing commissions that are guaranteed by Christmas next Wednesday the 19th.  If you were thinking of commissioning a quilt by January you must reach out to me in the next week.

Now to prepare for tonight’s stream.



Heroes and Villains

You may have noticed my Social Media has been a little quiet lately.  This past weekend I went camping with my family!  It was fun and amazing with no electricity, but now I am in a crunch for Nashville Heroes and Villains this weekend.

Speaking of, I won’t be found under Craft Hackers for this convention.  Instead I will be sharing with Rumble and Roar Wandmakers at booth 317!

I am super excited to share a space with them!  Rumble and Roar Wandmakers create amazing one of a kind wands.  I should know, I have one!

So if you are in the Nashville area swing by the convention this weekend and say hi!

Paper Patterns now Available!

I have had a super busy three weeks and it isn’t over!  This weekend I will be taking a trip with my family for our annual camping trip.  No sewing at all.  It will be a nice rest but next weekend I am back on the road and will be traveling to Nashville for Heroes and Villains.

You may have seen the announcement on Sunday that paper patterns are now available!  I have developed a partnership with Quilt Exchange, a marketplace to connect designers and authors with everyday quilters worldwide.  This means you can now get my patterns not only as a downloadable pdf around the world, but paper copies as well!

If you are a store you no longer have to wait for me to be in your neck of the woods to order patterns!  Just sign up with the Quilt Exchange as a Retailer and you get the wholesale discount with no minimums required!  This is super exciting news!  If you want your local store to carry my patterns, show them the Quilt Exchange where they can order them!

Now back to getting a whole lot of pillows and quilts created by next week for Nashville!  If you want to watch me quilt today from 4pm-6pm est or tomorrow 1pm-4pm est check me out on Twitch or follow my You Tube to see the videos when they are uploaded!


Too Many Games

For the first time ever, I am doing back to back conventions.

This weekend is Too Many Games in Oaks, Pennsylvania.  It is the premier event for anyone interested in video games, board games, CCG’s, and tabletop gaming. The event will be held on June 23-25, 2017. Too Many Games has been known for its video game music concerts, chiptunes, industry panels, panels by famous YouTubers and brand new game releases for old consoles. There is a marketplace with 60+ vendors selling retro games, new games, board games, crafts, art and so much more.

You know who will be in that marketplace, Me!  Nicole will be with me this weekend but she sold so much at Awesome Con last weekend she will just be there to support me.

You can find us in the same place as last year, along the right wall when you enter the convention.

I will have quilts, pillows, dice bags, patterns, and kits!  Want your own pattern or kit and won’t be able to make it to Too Many Games?  Get them now on my Etsy shop.  

We also have just a couple Mystery Boxes left.  So if you want a few discontinued pillows and dice bags for only $40, pick one up!

See you Friday at Too Many Games!

Awesome Con

I am so excited to be returning to Awesome Con this weekend!

Last year I really wanted to be at Wizard World Philly and it happened the same weekend as Awesome Con.  So Nicole and I decided to split conventions.  Philly was fun, but it definitely wasn’t the same.  I will never leave Awesome Con again!

This year we are back to the head of Artist Alley at tables K1-K2

We have a lot of new and exciting things for you this year including new Amigurumi dolls, quilts, quilt patterns and kits, and MYSTERY BOXES!!  That’s right, Nicole and I went through our inventory and pulled some things we are no longer going to carry.  Those things went into mystery boxes.  For $40 you will receive at least $90 of things including at least one pillow!

So swing by Artist Alley, hang out for a while, and look check out our hand made goodies.

A little of Everything

I am going through the last push for a busy two weeks.  Next week I have Awesome Con in DC and the following week is Too Many Games in Pennsylvania.  The great news is I have figured out a way to Twitch stream from my phone!  This means I can stream my set up for Too Many games!

Speaking of Twitch streaming, did you know you can watch all of my past streams on my You Tube channel?  If you don’t watch Twitch, it is a good way to catch up on what I am doing.  In face, last Monday I streamed all about what I brought home from the Spring Quilt Market.

I LOVE my new layout for Twitch!  So why don’t you subscribe to my You Tube channel and see when I post new videos?

I also finished the top for my Catan class at GenCon.  Spots are going fast, so if you want to take this class, sign up soon.

Oh, and did I mention Pattern release day was on Monday?

That means I am having a Give Away!  Comment on the Facebook post with what Video game you would like to see turned into a quilt pattern and you could win a copy of Mega Android!

Now to get back to sewing!


Gen Con Classes

GenCon classes are live!  GenCon is the original longest running gaming convention in the world and it happens in Indianapolis August 17-20.  They are unique by allowing you to pick and choose your classes and events ahead of time by securing tickets.  No waiting in lines!  They also allow us to teach specialty classes which Nicole and I are taking advantage of.

Our class spaces are going fast.  In fact all of Nicole’s classes are full!  I still have some slots in my English Paper piecing classes.  If you have always wanted to learn how to hand sew or to piece a quilt by hand using pieces of paper, this is the class for you.  Or should I say classes?  I will be offering two different ones.

English Paper Piecing Quilt Technique


Description: Learn to English Paper Piece, or get help with an existing project you are working on. In this class we will start with the basic hexagon flower using scraps of colorful and character fabrics (like Dr Who or Comic Books).

Class Length: 2 hours

Date/ Time /Game ID:

  1. Thursday, August 17th/ 10:00am /SPA17103527
  2. Friday, August 18th/ 10:00am /SPA17103528
  3. Saturday, August 19th/ 9:00am /SPA17103529

Cost: $18

English Paper Piece a Catan Board Quilt

Description: Learn to English Paper Piece by creating a small version of the Catan board, 9″ wide to be exact. In this class we will start with the basic hexagon shape and add on triangles (for sand) around the edges.  Options for finishing your miniature quilt will be discussed.

Class Length: 2 hours

Date/ Time /Game ID:

  1. Friday, August 18th/ 7:00pm /SPA17103534
  2. Sunday, August 20th/ 12:00pm /SPA17103535

Cost: $34

It looks like the Catan Board Game class will be sold out first.  So if you wanted to learn how to do it, you can always take the basic class and then purchase a kit from our booth.  That’s right, I will be offering Catan Paper Piecing kits at Gen Con!  I am still putting the finishing touches on the example (as you can see above) so keep an eye on my social media if you want to see picture updates.


I had an amazing time at my first Spring Quilt Market.  I met some new people, saw some old, and saw some amazing fabric.  I gave away a Ruler Work kit from Sew Steady as well as a sewing chair from Arrow (which were both a TON of fun).

The entire weekend had a little bit of a cloud over it though.  On Wednesday during set up it was discovered that there is/was a “secret” conservative group.  The group discussions were full of bigotry and name calling.  Someone had enough and started taking screenshots.  I won’t go into the details because the screenshots and details are already out there and can be found.  What I do want to say is that is not something I stand for or want in a world I feel at home in.

I have been bullied before and have talked about my experiences here.  Talking down to someone just because they are different is bullying.  Trying to drive people out of the quilt world because they don’t fit your view of what a quilter should be is definitely bullying.  I won’t be supporting any of the people that were discovered to be in this group.

Then of course I come home and see the attack in Manchester during the Ariana Grande concert.  There is too much hate in our world.  Just when I think we have started to heal from an act of hate, another one happens.  We  need to try to do better and accept others, even if their beliefs and lifestyles are different than ours.

Generation Q has been doing an anti-bullying awareness campaign in their magazine since last year.  It is a step in the right direction and one we should all think about adopting.  Let’s just love each other.


Quilt Market

I had an amazing time at Tidewater Comic Con.  I got to see a TON of friends I haven’t seen in a while and meet a lot of new people!  Next up is Spring Quilt Market.  So what is the Spring Quilt Market?

It is a credentialed quilt trade show.  This means you need to be a quilt shop owner or industry professional (professional quilter, teacher, designer, or publisher).  The fabric manufacturers, wholesalers, and companies that we want to see will all be there.  This is the show where we get to see everything new coming out!  I have seen a few previews and am SUPER excited about the new fabrics I will be able to get.

I am also super excited to see new products from some of my favorite Companies, Arrow and Sew Steady.  They have both agreed to give away products!

I will be giving another chair away from Arrow!

If you watch my Twitch live stream, you know how much I LOVE my Arrow sewing chair.  It is comfortable the wheels are amazing.  you really want one of these for yourself.

Another super special giveaway will be from Sew Steady.  We will be giving away their Ruler Work Kit.

I will be holding the giveaways Friday and Saturday as well as live streaming, sharing photos, and maybe an interview or two!  Make sure you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see all of the goodies.


Tidewater Comic Con

I will be flying solo this weekend at Tidewater Comic Con in Virginia Beach.  You will be able to find me as Quiltoni in booth 1406.

I will have my quilts, patterns, kits, dice bags, and pillows for you!  Tidewater has a lot to offer including a great Cosplay Contest and cool panels. Plus Mark Mariano and company will be there with Kids Love Comics!

So if you want to take a vacation to the beach, head over to Tidewater Comic Con Saturday and Sunday and say hi!