Getting back to work

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of travel and conventions.  I am finally back home again couldn’t be happier!  There is something special about being in my studio sewing and streaming.  It is my happy place.

I now have a month and a half to finish my commission line up as well as create stock for Magfest.  I believe in myself and can do it!

First up is the restock.  If you ever wondered how I keep my inventory, I use Square.  A POS system that is perfect for a small business like myself.  My first stream back I showed how I use my POS system and restocked on some pillows.

The best part of being home again and streaming is I can have guests again!  Yesterday my friend Marlo came over and streamed with me.

This Saturday Megan (the corset woman) will be visiting and we will be streaming most of the day!  I can’t wait!

If you want to watch as I sew and interact and ask questions, it is free.  All you need to do is follow me on my Twitch channel.  I stream on almost a daily basis.  If you can’t join me live, I also upload my videos to YouTube.  Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel (it’s free!) to see the videos as they are posted.

Quilt Market and Play Fair

As I expected, Quilt Market was amazing.  I had such a good time meeting new people and catching up on old ones.  I had a total of FOUR giveaways this market and there is still time to enter!  The drawings will start tonight at 7pm est on both Facebook and Twitch (I will be streaming both at the same time).  To be eligible for the Market drawings you must comment on the post with what we asked for.  For example, the Arrow sewing chair giveaway asks you to find your local store and enter the name.  You can find all of the video giveaways on my Facebook page.

In addition to the 4 Market giveaways I will also be giving away a quilt kit and a quilt pattern from my pattern line on my Twitch channel right after I finish the Twitch giveaways.  To be eligible you need to follow my Twitch channel and be present in the channel and comment when I ask you to comment.

I am not finished traveling!  I still have one more convention to round out my 6 week tour.  This weekend you can find me back in New York City at Play Fair at booth 355.

Play Fair is a celebration of play and entertainment for all ages. It’s an immersive, experience-rich event for children, parents, families, and teenage and adult fans. With hands-on exhibits, awe-inspiring displays, dozens of toy and entertainment brands, and never-before-seen exclusives, attendees can feel, touch, and take home their favorite toys and games — and be the first to glimpse the toys of tomorrow!

So make sure you enter the drawings for tonight and I will see you this weekend in New York!


Twitch Con and Quilt Market

We are now half way through my stretch of 4 conventions in 5 weeks!

I had such a great time at Twitch Con this past weekend.  It was my first time and it was everything I hoped it to be.  I even streamed on Twitch live from my booth every day!  Want to see what Twitch Con looked like without all the people?  I did a live stream Saturday morning.

Want to watch and interact live when I stream?  Follow my Twitch page!  Don’t want to interact but still want to watch the videos?  Subscribe to my You Tube page!

Next up is Quilt Market this weekend.  What is Quilt Market?

It is a credentialed quilt trade show.  This means you need to be a quilt shop owner, buyer, or industry professional (professional quilter, teacher, designer, or publisher).  The fabric manufacturers, wholesalers, and companies that we want to see will all be there.  This is the show where we get to see everything new coming out!  I have seen a few previews and am SUPER excited about the new fabrics I will be able to get.

I don’t have a booth so will be wandering the floor.  So make sure you find me if you want one of my collectors cards!

I will be doing a few giveaways again!!  I will only be doing a few of them on my Facebook page (not on Twitch).  So if you want to see when I go live for my Facebook Giveaways, make sure you follow me!

See you online!

Twitch Con

Friday is the start of Twitch Con in Long Beach, Ca and it will be my first time there!

I am super excited to not only connect with my Twitch fans, but to live stream from the convention and attend panels that will make my stream even better!  Make sure you follow my Twitch channel to see all of the live streaming.

I will be set up in the Creative Corner at Booth CC50.

Because I am flying I can’t bring my throw pillows, but I will have plenty of patterns, kits, dice bags, and a selection of quilts.

I will also have a special guest, Liz from Seams Geeky!!  I am very excited that Liz decided to join me for Twitch Con.  She will have a limited amount of her embroidered items for sale.

I will also have a VERY special announcement tomorrow, so make sure you watch my social media tomorrow to check it out!  (If you watch me on Twitch, you already know what it is going to be.)

New York Comic Con Wrap Up

I had an amazing time this past weekend at New York Comic Con.

I love that we were in the same location for the third year so I saw a lot of familiar faces.  It was great catching up and meeting new friends.  I only took a few pictures because I was so busy!  I need to be forced to take more selfies with people.

Hopefully we will be in the same location next year to make it even easier!

New York kicked off the super busy part of my schedule.  For the next few weeks I am going to be one busy woman.  Here is how it looks:

October 20-22 – Twitch Con, Long Beach CA – In Creative Corner Booth CC50
October 27-30 – Fall Quilt Market, Houston, TX – As an Attendee, find me for a special collectors card!
November 3-5 – Play Fair, New York, NY – Booth 355

That means the next three weeks of blogs will give you information about all of these events.  I will also be live streaming on Twitch often through the next four weeks showing the conventions as well as some sewing and game playing streams.

If you haven’t already made an account and followed my Twitch, you should!  It’s easy, free, and I interact with everyone that watches.  If I get 5 new followers during a stream I give away fabric scraps!  Sometimes I may even throw a goody or two in.

Back to packing and see you on tonight’s Twitch Stream!

New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con starts tomorrow!!  I am so excited to be back in New York City.  It is an amazing convention and the city has shown me love every year.  We are exactly in the same place we have been the last two years, booth 2582.

This year will be just Nicole and I with a few of our friends helping us out.  We have our quilt pattern line, quilt kits, quilts, pillows, dice bags, amigurumi, plush, scarves, and mystery boxes!!

The mystery boxes are the ones we have left from C2E2 and Awesome Con.  So there are just a few left.  If you want to take your chance and get over $90 of handmade goods from us for just $40, you probably want to swing by early.

We plan on live streaming on Twitch (including today) depending on the signal strength throughout the day, so make sure you follow me on Twitch to be notified when we are live.

See you in New York!

Gift of the Goddesses Pattern

Monday was pattern release day!  Welcome the Gift of the Goddesses to our pattern line up.

This pattern is a little different then the others.  It is a smaller quilt (21-22 inches) than the rest.  It can be turned into a wall hanging, centerpiece for a table, or a part of a larger quilt.

The strips to create the quilt are different as well.  Instead of working with 3 1/2″ and 2″ strips you work with 2″ and 1 1/4″ strips.  The finished squares are only 3/4″!

Want one for yourself?  You can find the pattern on my Craftsy site, my Etsy store, or if you would like a physical pattern or are a store and would like the wholesale price, visit my Quilt Exchange page.

We are giving one copy away!  If you would like to win a pattern for yourself, make sure you comment on the Facebook Video with what pattern you would like to see us make. (To comment, click on the Facebook logo in the bottom right corner).

Let's give away a quilt pattern! Tell me what pattern you would like to see next in the comments for your chance to win. Drawing at 1pm est Thursday!

Posted by Quiltoni on Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Forest City Comic Con

This Saturday is my local Comic Con!  You will be able to find me at Forest City Comic Con here in London, Ontario.  I will be there with Megan of Absynthetika!  You can find us at Booth 87.

I will have some of my quilts and pillows and all of my patterns, kits, and dice bags!  Megan will have both her corsets and her Christmas stockings.  Forest City Comic Con is an amazing combination of comics, anime, cosplay, gaming, and everything geeky!  Their program and guests can be found here:

If you are in the Ontario area, swing by and say hi!

Batiks Go Retro Blog Hop

Welcome to the Batiks Go Retro Blog Hop!

I am stop #3 on the hop.  You can find the other hoppers joining in at the bottom of this post, so make sure you read them all!

I was asked by Tamarinis to create something pixelated for her first line of fabrics with Island Batiks.  Why pixelated?  Because I am a pixel quilter!  Even though I specialize in geeky quilts, I like a challenge.  First I had to think of a design.  Here are some of the amazing fabrics that I got to choose from.

That starburst pattern is pretty cool and has a few color options.  I decided to use those fabrics and create a pixelated design based on the design in the fabric.

After figuring out the pattern I decided to put the pastels together and the bold colors together.  I wanted to show the same pattern with different colorways so decided on a double sided quilt. After sewing strips together I cut out all of the pieces and laid them out.

Then it was time to assemble the rows.

After assembling rows, I added a border of fussy cut background fabric around to show the design of the fabric off as well as pull the rows together to allow for easier quilting.

Once the quilt was finished I quilted it with just regular straight lines to give it a more modern feel.  The binding choice was to give it a color pop completely different than the fabrics I chose, but is part of the collection.  I really like the finished product and it was a lot of fun making it!

Next on the Blog hop is Purple Moose Designs.  Make sure you visit them all!  And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway at the bottom to win great prizes, including a wonderful Tamarinis pattern pack, fabric, thread and more from several of the designers in the blog hop!

Sept 11th: Island Batik, Aurifil Thread


Dragon Con Wrap Up

Well that was a whirlwind!  When I left GenCon and headed to Maryland I was expecting a nice relaxing week working on my commission list before I went to Dragon Con to help a friend.

Then I got the call.

For those not familiar with the process of deciding to do a convention, one of two things happen.  For some conventions I am a guest.  In this instance I negotiate what is expected of me and what I will receive in return.  Sometimes I teach, sometimes I lecture, and sometimes I just help run one part of the convention (such as charity).  As a guest I know well in advance what I can expect and can plan for it.

For other conventions I pay for a space.  You can’t just pay for space though.  Most of the time you have to apply and they have to like you to receive a space.  I have applied a few years for Dragon Con, but there are very few spots for new people and I was told I was on the wait list this year.  Then the call came in one week before the convention saying someone had dropped out and did I want the space.  As someone who had applied for a few years and was wait-listed, I immediately jumped at the chance.  But now I had to scramble.  I had to make pillows, dice bags, and panel quilts.  I had to book a room, find help, and figure out all of the logistics of this convention last minute.  This is something I normally spend months doing and I managed to get it done within a week.  It all came together very nicely.

I had an amazing time.  Everyone in Atlanta opened their arms and embraced me.  I met so many new people and saw many many of my old friends.  The best part of the entire weekend was this moment.

Yup.  That is Stan Lee wrapped in one of my Avengers Panel Quilts.  Friday morning when Stan arrived it was VERY cold in the building and he didn’t bring a sweater.  Someone mentioned they thought they saw quilts around the corner.  So a helper ran over to me and yelled “I need a quilt for Stan, quick!”  I had to think fast and grabbed one of the panel quilts.  They shared this photo with me later which melted my heart.  Apparently he carried it with him the entire weekend and loved it.  This alone made the entire scramble worth it.

Thank You Atlanta for being one of the most awesome cities and awesome conventions ever and allowing me to keep Stan Lee warm.