Dragon Con Wrap Up

Well that was a whirlwind!  When I left GenCon and headed to Maryland I was expecting a nice relaxing week working on my commission list before I went to Dragon Con to help a friend.

Then I got the call.

For those not familiar with the process of deciding to do a convention, one of two things happen.  For some conventions I am a guest.  In this instance I negotiate what is expected of me and what I will receive in return.  Sometimes I teach, sometimes I lecture, and sometimes I just help run one part of the convention (such as charity).  As a guest I know well in advance what I can expect and can plan for it.

For other conventions I pay for a space.  You can’t just pay for space though.  Most of the time you have to apply and they have to like you to receive a space.  I have applied a few years for Dragon Con, but there are very few spots for new people and I was told I was on the wait list this year.  Then the call came in one week before the convention saying someone had dropped out and did I want the space.  As someone who had applied for a few years and was wait-listed, I immediately jumped at the chance.  But now I had to scramble.  I had to make pillows, dice bags, and panel quilts.  I had to book a room, find help, and figure out all of the logistics of this convention last minute.  This is something I normally spend months doing and I managed to get it done within a week.  It all came together very nicely.

I had an amazing time.  Everyone in Atlanta opened their arms and embraced me.  I met so many new people and saw many many of my old friends.  The best part of the entire weekend was this moment.

Yup.  That is Stan Lee wrapped in one of my Avengers Panel Quilts.  Friday morning when Stan arrived it was VERY cold in the building and he didn’t bring a sweater.  Someone mentioned they thought they saw quilts around the corner.  So a helper ran over to me and yelled “I need a quilt for Stan, quick!”  I had to think fast and grabbed one of the panel quilts.  They shared this photo with me later which melted my heart.  Apparently he carried it with him the entire weekend and loved it.  This alone made the entire scramble worth it.

Thank You Atlanta for being one of the most awesome cities and awesome conventions ever and allowing me to keep Stan Lee warm.