Twitch & Commissions

I am back home for a few week stretch!  That means I am back to a regular Twitch schedule.

Wednesday July 12, 6-9pm est – Japanese Wood Spirit Quilt
Friday July 14 – 1-4pm est – Amazon Warrior Quilt

If you didn’t catch the Twitch stream last Friday, we showed you again how we build the monstrosity.  This time it was a corner booth for Heroes and Villains Nashville.

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If you watch my commission schedule, you may have noticed it is quite long.  I am also adding a TON of conventions in October/November.  So for this reason I will be officially closing commissions that are guaranteed by Christmas next Wednesday the 19th.  If you were thinking of commissioning a quilt by January you must reach out to me in the next week.

Now to prepare for tonight’s stream.