Paper Patterns now Available!

I have had a super busy three weeks and it isn’t over!  This weekend I will be taking a trip with my family for our annual camping trip.  No sewing at all.  It will be a nice rest but next weekend I am back on the road and will be traveling to Nashville for Heroes and Villains.

You may have seen the announcement on Sunday that paper patterns are now available!  I have developed a partnership with Quilt Exchange, a marketplace to connect designers and authors with everyday quilters worldwide.  This means you can now get my patterns not only as a downloadable pdf around the world, but paper copies as well!

If you are a store you no longer have to wait for me to be in your neck of the woods to order patterns!  Just sign up with the Quilt Exchange as a Retailer and you get the wholesale discount with no minimums required!  This is super exciting news!  If you want your local store to carry my patterns, show them the Quilt Exchange where they can order them!

Now back to getting a whole lot of pillows and quilts created by next week for Nashville!  If you want to watch me quilt today from 4pm-6pm est or tomorrow 1pm-4pm est check me out on Twitch or follow my You Tube to see the videos when they are uploaded!


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