I had an amazing time at my first Spring Quilt Market.  I met some new people, saw some old, and saw some amazing fabric.  I gave away a Ruler Work kit from Sew Steady as well as a sewing chair from Arrow (which were both a TON of fun).

The entire weekend had a little bit of a cloud over it though.  On Wednesday during set up it was discovered that there is/was a “secret” conservative group.  The group discussions were full of bigotry and name calling.  Someone had enough and started taking screenshots.  I won’t go into the details because the screenshots and details are already out there and can be found.  What I do want to say is that is not something I stand for or want in a world I feel at home in.

I have been bullied before and have talked about my experiences here.  Talking down to someone just because they are different is bullying.  Trying to drive people out of the quilt world because they don’t fit your view of what a quilter should be is definitely bullying.  I won’t be supporting any of the people that were discovered to be in this group.

Then of course I come home and see the attack in Manchester during the Ariana Grande concert.  There is too much hate in our world.  Just when I think we have started to heal from an act of hate, another one happens.  We  need to try to do better and accept others, even if their beliefs and lifestyles are different than ours.

Generation Q has been doing an anti-bullying awareness campaign in their magazine since last year.  It is a step in the right direction and one we should all think about adopting.  Let’s just love each other.


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