Bargello Quilts are easier than you think!

I have been asked a few times about the Rainbow Quilts I am making for charity and how complicated they are.

Rainbow2 Rainbow1

They are actually surprisingly easy to make!  I am currently working on the third quilt and will be giving a demonstration on how I make Bargello Quilts this Friday. Why Friday?  This weekend is the quilt show for the quilt guild I belong to, London Friendship Quilters’ Guild.



The demonstration is only 20 minutes long and will start at 4:30pm.  If you can’t make it to the show and want to watch the demonstration, I will be live streaming on my Facebook!  So make sure you like the page, and choose “see first” under your like on the page to be notified the moment I start streaming.  Or just watch the page.

I will be taking a small question and answer session so you can be a part of it either in person or on line!

I am super excited to see all of the quilts my fellow members will be showcasing.  If you are in the London area, make sure you check the show out and be there Friday at 4:30 for my demonstration.


NYCC Wrap Up

We have survived another New York Comic Con!  I was extremely happy that a lot of our fans searched us out to support us and buy something this year.  Jess and I really liked seeing a lot of return customers and meeting new ones.  Nicole had a great first time at New York and you showed her the love I knew you would.


New York is unlike any other convention with the set up, layout, and break down.  It has it’s own challenges but we were able to navigate them and each year gets better and better.  I think next year I may try to find 1-2 guys that their only job is to drive the van, unload, set up, break down, load the van, and drive it home.  We were so exhausted that I caught the con crud!

You may have noticed those pictures hanging above my commission book on the bottom right.  The quilt patterns were well accepted and I was super excited that people loved them.  Nicole is hard at work doing the layout for the next pattern!  I will give you a sneak peek next weekend with the finished quilt.

Now on to teach a pillow class, my local quilt guild show and quilt market in Houston. I have a busy October!


New York Comic Con

Tomorrow is the start of New York Comic Con!


I will be there with Nicole of Craftigurumi (and my pattern partner) and Jess of Ami Ami Creations.  We are super excited to be back in New York.  Our booth is in the EXACT same place as last year at Booth 2582.


Nicole and I will be debuting the new Superman quilt pattern!  So if you wanted a physical copy of the pattern, stop by and check it out.


In addition to quilts, pillows, amigurumi dolls, and plush, we will have some great exclusives just for New York Comic Con.  Keep an eye on the Craft Hackers and Quiltoni social media for pictures and updates throughout the show.

Superman Pattern!

Today I am launching the next pattern in my series inspired by Superman!

Flying Hero Complete Cover

Nicole designed an amazing Sprite and I was super excited to turn it into a quilt and make a pattern for you to use.


Superman joins the other two patterns we have available, the Tardis and Totoro.

Totoro-Front[1]  Cover

You can buy it starting today online!  The physical patterns should be arriving any day now and I will bring them with me to New York Comic Con next week.  You can find Superman both on Craftsy and now Etsy!

So take a look at the new pattern.  As always, if you make a quilt with one of my patterns, I want to see it!!


Designing Bargello Quilts

After my blog last week I got to thinking about Bargello’s.  The Rainbow quilt I made wasn’t horrible and it really is growing on me.  It was a shock because it didn’t look like I expected at all.  The reason was  because I couldn’t see the finished product with those fabrics before I started making it.  I am used to seeing how it is going to look exactly when I design my quilts.  For example, this is the Superman design and the finished quilt.

KG-Chart Superman2

So I started designing my own.  I took a Fat Quarter pack from the Fusions line, scanned in the fabric, and came up with 4 patterns.  I then asked you which I should make.


After totaling all of the votes on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, D won!  So let’s see how the next Rainbow quilt turns out.  It should look EXACTLY like that pattern.

Speaking of Rainbow quilts, I have finished quilting and binding the second quilt.



I will bring it with me to NYCC where you can see it in person and possibly purchase it for charity!


When quilts aren’t quite what you expected

You may have seen the post I made about the first Rainbow quilt I made for charity.  This was a quilt I was very excited to make and I think it turned out REALLY well.  It sold within a few days of announcing it so I was excited to get started on the next one.  After learning the basic Bargello technique I wanted to try something a little harder.  I found this great pattern on Craftsy by Becky Botello.

It looks amazing and I wanted to adapt the rainbow colors to this pattern.  I chose my fabrics.


Those colors looked amazing next to each other.  As Nicole called it, I grouped the saturated and unsaturated colors together.  I totally expected a quilt like the first one I made.  After I started stripping it even stated looking pretty cool.


But yesterday I pinned all of my quilts I had made and the quilt didn’t turn out quite like I expected.



I can’t tell if I like it or not.  It is an extra long twin size quilt and is VERY colorful.  I just can’t decide if anyone will like it or not.  This is what happens with quilting sometimes.  Bargellos are still new to me, so I am not too sure how the finished quilt will work.  I will keep working at it and keep trying new designs and new fabrics until I get it right!

So whatever you work on, even if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you expected, don’t give up!  Keep working at it and you will figure it out.

Now to decide if I want to sell it for charity or just give it away as a gift.



Back in the swing of things

I am finally returning to normal (whatever normal for me is) again.  Commissions are open, I am prepping for a convention, and my quilt guild starts back up again tomorrow.

The quilt guild has been a great supportive network for me.  Once a month I can chat with other people that have the same passion for quilting that I do.  In addition to being a support network, I get so much inspiration from my quilt guild that I don’t think I can ever run out of ideas.

This past year has been an absolute whirlwind of emotions for me.  I had my largest highs and my largest lows in my quilt career so far in the span of 11 months.  Seven years ago when I decided to learn how to quilt I could have never guessed it would take me this far.  In October I will be exhibiting at New York Comic Con for the second year as well as flying to Houston for my first ever Quilt Market.  It will be an exciting month for me and I am REALLY looking forward to it.  .

This past year has taught me a lot about myself as well as my passion for quilting.  Thank you to my family, friends, and fans for not only supporting me through this year, but helping me through my lows and celebrating my highs with me.  I truly love all of you.

If you would like to see my current commissions as well as my “wish list” of quilts I want to make for conventions, you can always see them here.


Opening for Commissions

I will be opening for commissions tomorrow!

For new fans that weren’t aware, last October I was devastated when all of my quilts and pillows were stolen from my trailer in the driveway of my home.

12107001_10153032735585683_6266314525380149442_n12088591_10153032735550683_1194734931397869253_n 12088294_10153032735520683_3950335724141982534_n


I never recovered anything that was stolen and my insurance at the time paid nothing to me for the loss.  (I have since gotten other insurance to protect me in the future).

I immediately closed commissions while I decided what to do next.  After a lot of thought I decided to continue with Quiltoni and ran an Indiegogo campaign to raise money.

I am almost finished with all of the rewards from the Indiegogo campaign.  I will be finishing the binding on the last two quilts today and will get them in the mail by Friday.  The only one remaining that I need to make has not been made because Laura (who is a friend) can’t make up her mind! (Love you Laura).  This means after 9 months I can open up commissions once more!

If you are interested in commissioning a quilt from me you must first contact me to discuss your design and price.  Once you have approved both, I ask for a non-refundable deposit to hold your place in line.  You will be able to pay your deposit through my store starting tomorrow.

You will be able to see my current commissions, check your place in line, and check the progress of your quilt here.

Now to get that binding finished.



Things are Coming Together

I had a great time in Chicago last weekend.  You may have seen the video of Cheryl and I on Saturday.  She graciously taught me how to Facebook Live and I am super excited to do it more in the future!  If you missed it, I uploaded it to the Craft Hacker You Tube page here.

In addition to spending some time with Cheryl, I taught a new class on how to create your own pixelated quilts at Quilters Quest.  I learned a lot and will tweak the class to not only teach it again in the future, but am considering putting the material into a book.  That may be a little while away though.  First I need to get a nice collection of patterns finished.

The last reason I was in Chicago was meeting with someone that can manage my online store!  We will finally be launch our new online store!!  I have been asked for years to make custom throw pillows with different fabrics and be able to order them online.  You will be able to do exactly this starting tomorrow!  Pick your fabrics, pick your zipper!  I am only launching with 21 different fabrics for throw pillows to start out with.  Eventually we will be expanding the line to dice bags and some quilts. So be on the lookout tomorrow for the announcement to take a look at the new store!

Spreading my love of Quilting.

Today I am on my way to Chicago.  I am going to meet up with a few people to make something very exciting happen.  I can’t tell you what that is yet, but I am very excited for it.  You may have seen that while I am in Chicago I am going to teach a class at Quilters Quest.  It is a free class where I will be teaching people how to make their own pixelated images and then turn them into quilt patterns.

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about why I am selling my patterns, teaching people how to make my pillows and dice bags, and now teaching people how to make their own patterns.  My response is simple, I love quilting and want to share that love with as many people as I can.

Something I haven’t shared with a lot of people is the response I got when I first started quilting.  I knew when I learned how to quilt that I wanted to be different.  I wanted to make quilts that expressed who I was and what I loved.  That was different than a lot of what was seen in the quilt world and I had a lot of people look down at me.  I was told that what I did wasn’t real quilting.  I was told what I did was nice, but it wasn’t the way it should be done.  I have never listened to negativity so I ignored it and eventually started my own business.  I cater to people who want different and not “normal quilting”.  I stayed away from the quilt world because I didn’t feel they wanted me.

This last March I got to spend some time with a friend (Cheryl Sleboda) at Quilt Festival in Chicago.  I met a lot of other quilters and had a fantastic time (which I blogged about here).  After I made that blog, I started crying.  For the first time in my life I felt accepted by other quilters.  Since then I have tried to jump in head first into the quilt world and become part of it.  I have seen a lot of unique and wonderful people that inspire me.  I also see a lot of quilt bullies.  These are the people that I met when I first started quilting and tried to make me feel inadequate.

I don’t want anyone to ever feel that way about quilting.  So I am going to do everything I can to travel, speak, and teach. We should all express ourselves any way we want in quilting.  I may never win an award for any of my quilts, but I don’t need that recognition.  My recognition is the joy in someone’s face when they look at my work.

I just finished pinning the commission for the Labyrinth quilt.  I almost started crying as I pinned it because I know how much it will be loved and appreciated.  That is why I quilt.  I want others to feel the same way as they quilt.



(photo courtesy of Gen Q magazine)