Sewing Room almost finished!

My sewing room is almost done!  I should be able to blog about it next week and talk about the room and the choices I made.  I made a quilt of my logo (you may have seen the pictures) that will hang behind me.

I can’t wait to talk about my new furniture and the fabric set up I have.  I have everything set up except one corner.  I also need to set up the cameras and lighting for live streaming and videos.

Speaking of videos, I am planning on making tutorial videos on how to pin, quilt, and bind quilts.  I also plan on streaming on Twitch so you can watch me sew live and ask any questions you may have.  I haven’t decided if those streams will also be put on You Tube.  Are there any other videos or streams you would like to see?  If so, let me know!

I have updated my commission list here.  If you have commissioned me for a quilt and do not see your quilt listed, please contact me.

Hopefully you saw the unboxing of the new Harry Potter and Catan Fabric.  If you didn’t, check out my Facebook page to watch it.


Magfest this past weekend was awesome.  I loved every minute of it.  I got a few blocks done for my Dear Jane quilt and after chatting with a wonderful woman, decided to make a Catan quilt.  I may even try to make a pattern!

Nicole and I met last night and set up the 2017 pattern schedule.  There are a lot of cool new patterns we are planning so be on the look out!  The plan is to release one about every 2 months.

Today I have something exciting happening though.  I have an unboxing!  I ordered all of the fabric and materials for the Catan quilt that is arriving.  I also have some fabric I have been anxiously awaiting for months that is scheduled to arrive at any moment.  So keep an eye on my Facebook page over the next few hours.  As soon as the fabric arrives I will unbox it live.  If you read this blog after Wednesday, check out my Facebook page to watch the unboxing.

Meet the Hackers: Magfest

Today is set up day for Magfest!!  That means the show opens tomorrow.  For those new to my page and blog, Magfest is one of my FAVORITE conventions of the year.  It is a 24 hour video game convention featuring music, free to play games, panels, and of course the marketplace which is where I will be.

Laura and I will be participating in the Claw tournament again!  If you want to cheer us on, check it out Friday at 2:30.

This year we have a few very special things happening.  First is the raffle!  Everyone has been asking for details on it, so here they are:

  • When: Saturday at 4pm.
  • Where: To be determined.  We will pick a large area able to handle the crowd near our table and will let you know where to go when you purchase your raffle ticket.
  • How Much: $3 a ticket, 6 for $15, 15 for $30.
  • Are there any other prizes?  Yes!  We will have two smaller prizes that are Link related that we will reveal at the convention.

I am also introducing Quilt Kits!  If you love our patterns and want to make the quilt exactly like I made it, you can now purchase a kit with all of the fabric to make the top just like mine.

Nicole is unveiling a few new dolls to her line this weekend!  I will be live streaming on and off through the weekend on my Quiltoni Facebook page.  So make sure you like the page and get notifications first to see all of the videos! 

Swing by our table (look for the quilts) and check everything out.


My Princess

I was born in 1976, 1 year before Star Wars and 3 years before the Star Trek movies.  I looked up to the people in both lines and idolized them.  My parents would make sure that we saw every Star Trek and Star Wars movie in the theater when it was released (yes, even when I was very little and didn’t understand what was going on).  I loved both Star Trek and Star Wars.  I remember when I was 6 I saw that Larva crawl out of Chekov’s ear and I had nightmares for weeks.  But I loved every minute of it.

I grew up learning it didn’t matter what race you were, everyone had strengths and weaknesses and you should only be judged on your actions.  I learned that women can be strong, carry a blaster, overthrow a government, and help destroy a death star.

I cried for days after Leonard Nimoy’s death in 2015.  But yesterday was the gut punch that 2016 has been for celebrity deaths.  I will be sharing crafts and stories devoted to Carrie Fisher and Star Wars on Craft Hackers Friday and Saturday  just like I did for David Bowie and Alan Rickman.  This is because Quilting and crafting is therapeutic for me as well as many others.  I am very happy I have a creative outlet that helps me through pain and hopes it helps others as well.

I did finish my sewing desk so was able to use quilting as a therapy yesterday.

I wasn’t able to completely finish my studio. I leave tomorrow for Maryland for three weeks so will put the finishing touches on it when I return.  I can’t wait to show you the finished result.

The Evolution of the Link Stained Glass Quilt

I announced the special quilt I made just for a Magfest raffle last Thursday, my Link Stained Glass

I used the applique Stained Glass technique for this quilt and took pictures after every step.  Here is the creation of the quilt from start to finish.

This will be the only time I make this quilt, so it will be a super limited edition!  To buy a raffle ticket and a chance to win this quilt, make sure you swing by the Craft Hacker booth at Magfest!

Oh, and I did a thing yesterday, I made a Patreon!

Like my patterns and want them before anyone else?  You can pledge to get them!  You can also receive a package of my scraps once a month as well!  Don’t want either of those but want to support me?  I also have a $1 and $5 a month tier to show your support.  This Patreon will allow me to start filming and live streaming!  So if you want to start seeing videos and live streams, please pledge your support today.


A bit of this and that

First I want to apologize for the lack of updates on my social media over the last few days.  I caught a cold from my husband and it seems to keep lingering.  I haven’t been able to touch my sewing machines since Friday.  I have a few new quilt pictures I want to share as well as some progress pictures for Magfest.  I have finished the auction quilt for Magfest and can’t wait to talk about it.  The picture will go up soon and I will talk about the process next week.

Last Thursday we launched the second new quilt pattern for Magfest, Kirby.


He is the second in the Game series and super easy to make!  I love the new fabrics I chose for him and can’t wait to show him off.

Yesterday a new poster was added to the Vacuum & Sewing Dealers Trade Association.


That’s right!  If you know a sewing store near you and want them to start carrying cosplay and sewing products that you want, make sure they attend this panel at the Vacuum & Sewing Dealers Trade show in February!  We are super excited to be a part of the trade show and I am really looking forward to it.

Now to kick this cold so I can get some work done!

New Logo and New Pattern

Last Thursday was a super busy day for me.  First I launched the next pattern and first in the video game series: Pacman!




Then, I sneakily launched my new logo with a new saying.


Some of you caught the change to my Facebook page and gave me some great feedback!  I love the new red and blue color scheme.  I also feel the Superpowered Quilts fits me a bit better than the Quilts with Personality.  Superpowered entails both Super Heroes and Power Ups from video games, the two types of quilts I am know for.

I also snuck in website redesign!  Following the red and blue theme, I redid the colors, layout, and style.  I also redid my classes and lectures page.  I am starting to lecture, teach, and do trunk shows at quilt guilds, shops, and gatherings.  The new class and lecture list shows what I am currently teaching and lecturing about.  If you would like me to visit your local guild, store, or convention, have them contact me at

Keep an eye on Facebook because I’m not done with the pattern releases!  There is a second one coming tomorrow!!


Redesigning my Studio

Yesterday I teased a little with these photos of what I was doing.

15193517_1205817816172971_2911581053308844012_n 15267697_1205962406158512_5012713610291121024_n


When I was in Houston, I met the amazing people at Arrow Sewing Cabinets.  I fell in love instantly with their style of furniture and wanted them.  They were amazing with helping me measure and pick out what I wanted and needed.

This is how my studio looks now.

After 1

After 3

After Bookcase

I like the way everything looks, but I feel cramped.  I also want to be able to start a Patreon and start live streaming for fans.  I can’t do that in the space I am working with now.

The designs at Arrow Sewing Cabinets will allow me to redesign my space, give me some extra room, and maybe even have space to hang some quilts on the wall!

Now that I have everything I can get planning!




This is the time of year where we reflect back on our lives and think about what we are thankful for.  Last year I made a post with the same name and said this:

I am blessed with a wonderful husband, step daughter, parents, in-laws and brother but am also blessed with a great support network of fans, friends, and people that love and support me.  Because of this support I am able to continue moving forward with Quiltoni.

After the theft of every quilt and pillow I had, I was devastated and didn’t think I could continue on.  Because of the love and support I received I picked myself off and moved on.  This decision has created a whirlwind in my life over the last year that I am VERY thankful for and want to recognize a few people that have held my hand and told me it will be OK.

My Family – Of course.  My husband has been my rock.  He doesn’t care anything about quilting but he knows it makes me happy and supports me with any decisions I make.  My parents and step daughter have been my cheerleaders and are always there when I need to cry on a shoulder, help with a project or problem, and of course load and unload my trailer when I need it.

Nicole – Nicole is my business rock.  I could not have gotten through this last year without her.  We argue, we fight, we don’t see eye to eye on some business things, but we make it work and are more successful because of it.  You don’t want someone that agrees with you all the time in business.  You want someone that will make you better at what you do and make you a better person.  She does that.

Fans – I knew I had fans, but I didn’t know the extent my fans would go to help me.  Everyone has shown me so much love and support it gives me the courage to try new things.  Robert Romano is one of these people.  Not only did he support my Indiegogo campaign, he contacted media, blogs, everyone he could think of to tell them what happened and encouraged them to support me.  He messaged me asking if there was anything else he could do.  I actually cried after one of his messages I was so full of hope.

My Business Network – I belong to a few business groups.  These groups have been amazing not just in support, but in helping me figure out any new directions I want to go.  Too Many Games (a video game convention in Pennsylvania) actually reached out to me to see if they could help in any way.  I liked doing the convention before, but this showed me what wonderful people they are and a convention I want to do business with forever.

Carol Vandenburg (Mood) – Sometimes it is the little things.  Sometimes it is a small gesture someone does that means the most.  Before the theft Carol introduced me to Cheryl Sleboda (her thanking is next).  After the theft she took my flyers and plastered them all around London, Ontario (the city I live in where they theft occurred).  She brought them to quilt guilds, businesses, anyone she could think of and told them what happened.  I still get people I have never met before approach me asking if they ever found anything (which they didn’t) because of her.  Because of Carol I now belong to the London Friendship quilt guild and have made a ton of new quilt friends.

Cheryl Sleboda – Lastly I need to thank Cheryl.  Her patience and guidance have helped me transition from the comic/video game world into the quilt world.  I feel accepted by a community that I thought wouldn’t accept me.  I have exciting things happening in the next few months I can’t talk about yet, but they are because of her.  She didn’t make these things happen, but she was the catalyst for opportunities.

I have been shown a lot of love and support which has helped me pick myself up and move on.  We are the architects of our own destiny, but sometimes we need a little help along the way.  If you see someone that needs support, consider giving it to them.  It doesn’t have to be monetary or require a call to action.  It could just be a shoulder to cry on or an ear that listens.

Choosing my fabrics

Last week I talked about the English Paper Piecing Dear Jane quilt I am doing and showed you the pattern I decided on.


After designing the quilt, the next step is always choosing fabric.  Choosing fabrics for a project can be difficult sometimes.  I thought I knew what fabrics I wanted to use including a white on white, black on black, and hand dyed gray.  After starting on a few blocks I quickly learned that it wasn’t going to work.

After a trip to my local quilt store I decided on these:

jane1 jane2 jane3 jane4

The white and Gray are Moda Grunge fabrics, the black is a Moda Marble, and the Gray is a Northcott.  I love blenders and can’t wait to see how this quilt turns out using them.  I also discovered hand basting the pieces with thread won’t quite work.  I ordered special paper piecing glue and will see if that makes it simpler to baste the stitches.

Crossing my fingers!