Catching Up

For the first time in a long time I missed blogging last week.  I was traveling from Vegas and forgot to write and post the blog ahead of time.  So I have a lot of catching up to do!

I met so many new people in Vegas and am super excited to announce you can now find my patterns in Sewing and Quilt stores!  The first store to join my family is:

Singer Sewing Center
6034 South Padre Island Drive
Corpus Christi, TX

So if you live in Texas and wanted to get a physical copy of my patterns, you now can!  They will also be vending at the Corpus Christi ComicCon, so stop by and say hi for me!

If you would like to see my patterns in your local Sewing or Quilt store, have them contact me at for pricing.

Keep an eye on the Craft Hackers website over the next few weeks.  I will be talking about needles, zippers, and all sorts of cool things I saw in Vegas.

Twitch streaming is back and I have been working on another Link Stained Glass Quilt for Nicole.  I should either finish or come close to finishing the quilt tonight!  If you want to watch and chat while I sew, make sure you book mark the page and watch the chat for my streaming schedule each week.


A Very Busy Week

So much has happened this week and even more is happening in the upcoming week.

First, I am the contact for the #quilterprayerrug initiative.  I posted on Craft Hackers Saturday about the drive to make and collect quilted prayer rugs to donate to Mosques.  If you missed it, read about it here.

Second, I released the Pattern Kits on Sunday!  If you didn’t get a chance to see them, they can be found in my Etsy Shop.  Each kit comes with the pattern and all of the fabric you need to make each quilt top.  I included the fabric I chose to make the sample quilts with.  So if you want to skip the step of searching for just the right fabrics, these kits are for you!

Tomorrow is a big day.  I am leaving for Vegas and the VDTA/SDTA show!  I am super excited to talk about Cosplay and why Sewing stores need to care about it.

Tomorrow is also pattern launch day!!  Next in our pattern series is Dark Mage!


Watch my social media tomorrow for the official announcement!  Now to get packing and finish these bumpers for my step daughters robot.


Twitch Streaming is Under Way

Now that my studio is finished I can stream whenever I quilt.  Streaming started on Sunday and I love every moment of it!  I love being able to show you my process and interact with those that watch me sew.

Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts.  As a video game and comic book quilter, I think it is a perfect fit.  I have set a streaming schedule and will update it whenever I decide to stream.

I am also uploading streams to my new You Tube channel the next day.

So follow my Twitch channel and watch live while I sew!



New Studio!

My studio is finally finished!

It took a lot of hard work, but I am ready to start live streaming and record tutorials!  Here are some of the pictures of the studio in progress.

I was super excited to unbox my new Olivia Sewing Cabinet by Arrow.

The sewing area is a lot wider than the Ikea table I used before allowing me to work on larger quilts.  The extension table on the back prevents quilts from hanging off and adding weight and pressure to the machine/  The new chair is very comfortable and give me a perfect height to use my machine.

The other new additions are my two Mod Thread Cabinets.

They hold all of my thread and I still have room for more!  They are super easy to use and all I need to do is spin around, pull out the right rack, and choose a color.

The last addition is the lighting set up and cameras to record.

This will allow you to see what I am doing without any shadows.  So where will I be streaming?  On Twitch!  Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts.  As a video game and comic book quilter, I think it is a perfect fit.

Follow my Twitch channel and then watch when I sew!  I will announce on my social media when I will be streaming.  My backers on my Patreon page will have input on when they would like to see me and what they would like to see.  Streaming starts next week!

Now to get sewing.

Sewing Room almost finished!

My sewing room is almost done!  I should be able to blog about it next week and talk about the room and the choices I made.  I made a quilt of my logo (you may have seen the pictures) that will hang behind me.

I can’t wait to talk about my new furniture and the fabric set up I have.  I have everything set up except one corner.  I also need to set up the cameras and lighting for live streaming and videos.

Speaking of videos, I am planning on making tutorial videos on how to pin, quilt, and bind quilts.  I also plan on streaming on Twitch so you can watch me sew live and ask any questions you may have.  I haven’t decided if those streams will also be put on You Tube.  Are there any other videos or streams you would like to see?  If so, let me know!

I have updated my commission list here.  If you have commissioned me for a quilt and do not see your quilt listed, please contact me.

Hopefully you saw the unboxing of the new Harry Potter and Catan Fabric.  If you didn’t, check out my Facebook page to watch it.


Magfest this past weekend was awesome.  I loved every minute of it.  I got a few blocks done for my Dear Jane quilt and after chatting with a wonderful woman, decided to make a Catan quilt.  I may even try to make a pattern!

Nicole and I met last night and set up the 2017 pattern schedule.  There are a lot of cool new patterns we are planning so be on the look out!  The plan is to release one about every 2 months.

Today I have something exciting happening though.  I have an unboxing!  I ordered all of the fabric and materials for the Catan quilt that is arriving.  I also have some fabric I have been anxiously awaiting for months that is scheduled to arrive at any moment.  So keep an eye on my Facebook page over the next few hours.  As soon as the fabric arrives I will unbox it live.  If you read this blog after Wednesday, check out my Facebook page to watch the unboxing.

Meet the Hackers: Magfest

Today is set up day for Magfest!!  That means the show opens tomorrow.  For those new to my page and blog, Magfest is one of my FAVORITE conventions of the year.  It is a 24 hour video game convention featuring music, free to play games, panels, and of course the marketplace which is where I will be.

Laura and I will be participating in the Claw tournament again!  If you want to cheer us on, check it out Friday at 2:30.

This year we have a few very special things happening.  First is the raffle!  Everyone has been asking for details on it, so here they are:

  • When: Saturday at 4pm.
  • Where: To be determined.  We will pick a large area able to handle the crowd near our table and will let you know where to go when you purchase your raffle ticket.
  • How Much: $3 a ticket, 6 for $15, 15 for $30.
  • Are there any other prizes?  Yes!  We will have two smaller prizes that are Link related that we will reveal at the convention.

I am also introducing Quilt Kits!  If you love our patterns and want to make the quilt exactly like I made it, you can now purchase a kit with all of the fabric to make the top just like mine.

Nicole is unveiling a few new dolls to her line this weekend!  I will be live streaming on and off through the weekend on my Quiltoni Facebook page.  So make sure you like the page and get notifications first to see all of the videos! 

Swing by our table (look for the quilts) and check everything out.


My Princess

I was born in 1976, 1 year before Star Wars and 3 years before the Star Trek movies.  I looked up to the people in both lines and idolized them.  My parents would make sure that we saw every Star Trek and Star Wars movie in the theater when it was released (yes, even when I was very little and didn’t understand what was going on).  I loved both Star Trek and Star Wars.  I remember when I was 6 I saw that Larva crawl out of Chekov’s ear and I had nightmares for weeks.  But I loved every minute of it.

I grew up learning it didn’t matter what race you were, everyone had strengths and weaknesses and you should only be judged on your actions.  I learned that women can be strong, carry a blaster, overthrow a government, and help destroy a death star.

I cried for days after Leonard Nimoy’s death in 2015.  But yesterday was the gut punch that 2016 has been for celebrity deaths.  I will be sharing crafts and stories devoted to Carrie Fisher and Star Wars on Craft Hackers Friday and Saturday  just like I did for David Bowie and Alan Rickman.  This is because Quilting and crafting is therapeutic for me as well as many others.  I am very happy I have a creative outlet that helps me through pain and hopes it helps others as well.

I did finish my sewing desk so was able to use quilting as a therapy yesterday.

I wasn’t able to completely finish my studio. I leave tomorrow for Maryland for three weeks so will put the finishing touches on it when I return.  I can’t wait to show you the finished result.

The Evolution of the Link Stained Glass Quilt

I announced the special quilt I made just for a Magfest raffle last Thursday, my Link Stained Glass

I used the applique Stained Glass technique for this quilt and took pictures after every step.  Here is the creation of the quilt from start to finish.

This will be the only time I make this quilt, so it will be a super limited edition!  To buy a raffle ticket and a chance to win this quilt, make sure you swing by the Craft Hacker booth at Magfest!

Oh, and I did a thing yesterday, I made a Patreon!

Like my patterns and want them before anyone else?  You can pledge to get them!  You can also receive a package of my scraps once a month as well!  Don’t want either of those but want to support me?  I also have a $1 and $5 a month tier to show your support.  This Patreon will allow me to start filming and live streaming!  So if you want to start seeing videos and live streams, please pledge your support today.


A bit of this and that

First I want to apologize for the lack of updates on my social media over the last few days.  I caught a cold from my husband and it seems to keep lingering.  I haven’t been able to touch my sewing machines since Friday.  I have a few new quilt pictures I want to share as well as some progress pictures for Magfest.  I have finished the auction quilt for Magfest and can’t wait to talk about it.  The picture will go up soon and I will talk about the process next week.

Last Thursday we launched the second new quilt pattern for Magfest, Kirby.


He is the second in the Game series and super easy to make!  I love the new fabrics I chose for him and can’t wait to show him off.

Yesterday a new poster was added to the Vacuum & Sewing Dealers Trade Association.


That’s right!  If you know a sewing store near you and want them to start carrying cosplay and sewing products that you want, make sure they attend this panel at the Vacuum & Sewing Dealers Trade show in February!  We are super excited to be a part of the trade show and I am really looking forward to it.

Now to kick this cold so I can get some work done!