Tomorrow is the start of C2E2 in Chicago and we are back fro our 3rd year!

We can be found in the same place we have been every year in booth 1357.

Kim from Fantastical Menagerie is joining us this year in the Black Cat Creations booth.

This years Craft Hacker line up includes myself, Nicole from Craftigurumi, and Jess from Ami Ami Creations.  We will have lots of amigurumi goodness, plush, scarves, quilts, pillows, and quilt patterns.  This year Nicole and I have to make room for brand new inventory so are putting the old into special mystery boxes!  Each box has a guaranteed value of $95 and can be yours for $40.  Every item in the mystery boxes will never be made again.  They are only available while they last.

So swing by, say hi,tell us how your year has been, and check out all of the new things we have!

Pattern Release Day!

I alluded to pattern release day last week, but it is here!  The new Amazon Warrior quilt!


To celebrate pattern release day I am giving one of them away!  To win a pattern, like the video I made over on Facebook and comment with which super hero or pop culture pattern you would like to see made into a quilt pattern!  The winner will be chosen tomorrow at 4pm.  So make sure you keep an eye on my Facebook page to see if you won.

Next week I am back in Chicago!  I can’t wait to see old friends and meet some new ones at C2E2.  Next Wednesday’s post is all about the convention and the map of where we can be found.



Playing Catch Up

I missed last weeks blogging because I took a very rare vacation.  My family actually went somewhere together that wasn’t related to conventions or quilting.  We went to Orlando!  You can find all of the pictures on my Facebook.

But of course since I was gone for a whole week I feel like I am playing catch up!  I need to get one more quilt top finished, quilt and bind what I have, organize everything for c2e2, update my inventory, pull all of the discontinued pillows and dice bags for mystery boxes, make quilt kits, and a few more things!  So in other words I have a lot to do in less than 2 weeks.

That is why even though I REALLY wanted to go to quilt festival this weekend, I am not able to attend.

For the next few days I am working on the Hyrule Shield Queen size quilt on my Twitch stream.  If you can’t catch the live streams, subscribe to my You Tube channel to watch the videos the next day.  

I also have something special next week happening, a pattern release!!  We are right on target with having a pattern released every other month.  Keep an eye on my social media on Monday to see it!


Last week I was trying to make the push to 2000 likes and promised a giveaway of all of my patterns if I did.  I didn’t reach the mark but everyone was amazing and tried to get me there.  So I decided to give away a pattern of the winners choice instead!

Let's do a Give Away! Tell me what pattern you would like to see us create and you could win your choice of any pattern currently available. Drawing Thursday at 5pm est!

Posted by Quiltoni on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Don’t you just love the still that Facebook chose?  You have until tomorrow at 5pm to comment on the post with what pattern you would like us to create.

Next week I won’t have a post up because I will be traveling!  I can’t tell you yet what I am doing, but you will hear all about it in two weeks.


Followers and Schmetz Needles

If you follow my social media you may have seen I am doing a push to 2000 followers.  If I make it by Friday I will be giving away my entire line (so far) of patterns as well as a set of the new Schmetz Chrome needles!

Want the giveaway?  Then make sure you share my page to your friends to encourage them to like it!   https://www.facebook.com/Quiltoni/

I want to give away my entire line of quilt patterns (pictured) and a package of the new Schmetz Chrome Needles! Want…

Posted by Quiltoni on Thursday, March 9, 2017

One of the reasons I am giving away the new Schmetz Chrome needles is I have started using them and absolutely LOVE them.  I have been learning so much about needles and how they affect my sewing and quilting.  As I learn about needles I am sharing what I learn on Craft Hackers on Saturdays.  So far I have talked about:

Needles in general

Needle Anatomy

Types of Needles

This Saturday I will talk about needle sizes and how they affect your sewing!

Now to get back to my GameCube quilt.  I will be live streaming tonight the applique and assembling portion.  https://www.twitch.tv/quiltoni





My Drive Home

I have been asked a lot about my drive.  I try to visit Maryland at least once every other month to check in, pick up mail, meet with people, etc.  It is about a 10 hour drive from my Ontario home and I am pretty used to it by now.  In fact today I drove from Maryland to Ontario.  So I took a few pictures to show you my drive.

I got up a 5:45, had a cup of coffee, loaded the truck and buckled in the babies.  (Yes they all have seatbelts that are attached to dog booster seats).

After making a stop at Nicole’s for chairs (for the convention supplies) it was time to get on the road and a stop for breakfast.


After making it through Baltimore traffic I swung through a Panera drive in to pick up some lunch to eat later.

Stop #1 is always a Sheetz.  I love them because they have a place to walk the dogs and clean bathrooms.  At least the ones along my drive.

Stop #2 is my favorite travel stop in New York.  They have this amazing gazebo and pet area the dogs love.


I always play a third stop by ear and was planning on making one when I crossed the border.  Unfortunately around Buffalo the wind really started picking up and then I saw this.

So I gripped the steering wheel and pushed through the REALLY high winds.  I wanted to get home before dark so I wouldn’t have to deal with it.

I pulled in about 5pm, so 10 hours was the average drive.  I lost a lot of time with the high winds, but cut some off by only having two stops.  We are all happy to be home!  I will start Twitch streaming again Friday or Saturday.

If you didn’t see my status yesterday I want to do another giveaway.  I want to share some of these Schmetz Chrome needles as well as every pattern in my quilt pattern line so far!  But I need your help to get to 2000 likes first.  If that happens, it will be give away time!


Needles, Zippers, and Fabric Oh My!

Last week I mentioned that I was going to talk about Zippers and Needles on Craft Hackers.  On Friday I talked about Linda McGehee who is a talented pattern maker and is known for her unique style of handbags and accessories.  I got to see her new style of drawstring bag with zippers in person.

The bags zip flat for easy storage!  She was kind enough to give me a discount code for my Craft Hacker readers that is only good until Friday.  So if you want to see her tutorials, patterns, and accessories, head to her page and enter code cos315 at the checkout and receive 20% off everything!

Saturday I talked about my new favorite sewing needles, the Schmetz Chrome needles.

I will be talking about needles and what I am learning about them on Saturdays at Craft Hackers.

And then yesterday I teased everyone on my social media with this picture.

I received these scrumptious fabrics in the mail and couldn’t wait to start petting them.  Yes, I am a fabric petter.  I can’t help it.  These fabrics are for a SUPER secret project I am making for Spring Market for BatiksGoRetro and Island Batiks.  I have been given permission to give you teasers and in progress pictures, but no finished projects until Spring Market in May.

So watch my social media for more teaser pictures!

Catching Up

For the first time in a long time I missed blogging last week.  I was traveling from Vegas and forgot to write and post the blog ahead of time.  So I have a lot of catching up to do!

I met so many new people in Vegas and am super excited to announce you can now find my patterns in Sewing and Quilt stores!  The first store to join my family is:

Singer Sewing Center
6034 South Padre Island Drive
Corpus Christi, TX

So if you live in Texas and wanted to get a physical copy of my patterns, you now can!  They will also be vending at the Corpus Christi ComicCon, so stop by and say hi for me!

If you would like to see my patterns in your local Sewing or Quilt store, have them contact me at Toni@Quiltoni.com for pricing.

Keep an eye on the Craft Hackers website over the next few weeks.  I will be talking about needles, zippers, and all sorts of cool things I saw in Vegas.

Twitch streaming is back and I have been working on another Link Stained Glass Quilt for Nicole.  I should either finish or come close to finishing the quilt tonight!  If you want to watch and chat while I sew, make sure you book mark the page and watch the chat for my streaming schedule each week.



A Very Busy Week

So much has happened this week and even more is happening in the upcoming week.

First, I am the contact for the #quilterprayerrug initiative.  I posted on Craft Hackers Saturday about the drive to make and collect quilted prayer rugs to donate to Mosques.  If you missed it, read about it here.

Second, I released the Pattern Kits on Sunday!  If you didn’t get a chance to see them, they can be found in my Etsy Shop.  Each kit comes with the pattern and all of the fabric you need to make each quilt top.  I included the fabric I chose to make the sample quilts with.  So if you want to skip the step of searching for just the right fabrics, these kits are for you!

Tomorrow is a big day.  I am leaving for Vegas and the VDTA/SDTA show!  I am super excited to talk about Cosplay and why Sewing stores need to care about it.

Tomorrow is also pattern launch day!!  Next in our pattern series is Dark Mage!


Watch my social media tomorrow for the official announcement!  Now to get packing and finish these bumpers for my step daughters robot.


Twitch Streaming is Under Way

Now that my studio is finished I can stream whenever I quilt.  Streaming started on Sunday and I love every moment of it!  I love being able to show you my process and interact with those that watch me sew.

Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts.  As a video game and comic book quilter, I think it is a perfect fit.  I have set a streaming schedule and will update it whenever I decide to stream.

I am also uploading streams to my new You Tube channel the next day.

So follow my Twitch channel and watch live while I sew!