Forest City Comic Con

This Saturday is my local Comic Con!  You will be able to find me at Forest City Comic Con here in London, Ontario.  I will be there with Megan of Absynthetika!  You can find us at Booth 87.

I will have some of my quilts and pillows and all of my patterns, kits, and dice bags!  Megan will have both her corsets and her Christmas stockings.  Forest City Comic Con is an amazing combination of comics, anime, cosplay, gaming, and everything geeky!  Their program and guests can be found here:

If you are in the Ontario area, swing by and say hi!

Batiks Go Retro Blog Hop

Welcome to the Batiks Go Retro Blog Hop!

I am stop #3 on the hop.  You can find the other hoppers joining in at the bottom of this post, so make sure you read them all!

I was asked by Tamarinis to create something pixelated for her first line of fabrics with Island Batiks.  Why pixelated?  Because I am a pixel quilter!  Even though I specialize in geeky quilts, I like a challenge.  First I had to think of a design.  Here are some of the amazing fabrics that I got to choose from.

That starburst pattern is pretty cool and has a few color options.  I decided to use those fabrics and create a pixelated design based on the design in the fabric.

After figuring out the pattern I decided to put the pastels together and the bold colors together.  I wanted to show the same pattern with different colorways so decided on a double sided quilt. After sewing strips together I cut out all of the pieces and laid them out.

Then it was time to assemble the rows.

After assembling rows, I added a border of fussy cut background fabric around to show the design of the fabric off as well as pull the rows together to allow for easier quilting.

Once the quilt was finished I quilted it with just regular straight lines to give it a more modern feel.  The binding choice was to give it a color pop completely different than the fabrics I chose, but is part of the collection.  I really like the finished product and it was a lot of fun making it!

Next on the Blog hop is Purple Moose Designs.  Make sure you visit them all!  And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway at the bottom to win great prizes, including a wonderful Tamarinis pattern pack, fabric, thread and more from several of the designers in the blog hop!

Sept 11th: Island Batik, Aurifil Thread


Dragon Con Wrap Up

Well that was a whirlwind!  When I left GenCon and headed to Maryland I was expecting a nice relaxing week working on my commission list before I went to Dragon Con to help a friend.

Then I got the call.

For those not familiar with the process of deciding to do a convention, one of two things happen.  For some conventions I am a guest.  In this instance I negotiate what is expected of me and what I will receive in return.  Sometimes I teach, sometimes I lecture, and sometimes I just help run one part of the convention (such as charity).  As a guest I know well in advance what I can expect and can plan for it.

For other conventions I pay for a space.  You can’t just pay for space though.  Most of the time you have to apply and they have to like you to receive a space.  I have applied a few years for Dragon Con, but there are very few spots for new people and I was told I was on the wait list this year.  Then the call came in one week before the convention saying someone had dropped out and did I want the space.  As someone who had applied for a few years and was wait-listed, I immediately jumped at the chance.  But now I had to scramble.  I had to make pillows, dice bags, and panel quilts.  I had to book a room, find help, and figure out all of the logistics of this convention last minute.  This is something I normally spend months doing and I managed to get it done within a week.  It all came together very nicely.

I had an amazing time.  Everyone in Atlanta opened their arms and embraced me.  I met so many new people and saw many many of my old friends.  The best part of the entire weekend was this moment.

Yup.  That is Stan Lee wrapped in one of my Avengers Panel Quilts.  Friday morning when Stan arrived it was VERY cold in the building and he didn’t bring a sweater.  Someone mentioned they thought they saw quilts around the corner.  So a helper ran over to me and yelled “I need a quilt for Stan, quick!”  I had to think fast and grabbed one of the panel quilts.  They shared this photo with me later which melted my heart.  Apparently he carried it with him the entire weekend and loved it.  This alone made the entire scramble worth it.

Thank You Atlanta for being one of the most awesome cities and awesome conventions ever and allowing me to keep Stan Lee warm.

Dragon Con!!!

You may have seen on last weeks blog and my social media, I will be a part of Dragon Con this year!!  Originally I was going to help a friend at their booth but was offered my own at the last minute.  You can find me in the America’s Mart building, third floor at booth 804.

This will be my first Dragon Con and I am very excited for it!

In addition to quilts, pillows, dice bags, quilt patterns, and quilt kits I will be carrying some very special products, Famore Scissors!!

These are my scissors of choice and all I use.  After repeated requests from you, I have given in and will be carrying them at shows!  Better yet, if you have questions about their scissors a representative will be with me to answer them!  This is your chance to see these scissors in person.  So swing by Booth 804 to see Quilt and Scissor goodness!

So Many Conventions!

I am in full swing of the convention busy season.  Last week GenCon was amazing as always.  I loved teaching English Paper Piecing and everyone walked away knowing how it is done!  The Catan mini quilt kits were a success!  This means I will design and create new kits for the future.  Want a Catan kit for yourself?  They will be available in my Etsy shop sometime in the next few weeks.

Next up is Dragon Con and I have some amazing news.  I HAVE MY OWN BOOTH!  They contacted me yesterday and offered me space and I jumped at the chance.  I will give all the details in next weeks post, but you can now find me at Dragon Con!!

In addition to Dragon Con I have added a few conventions over the next few months.  I am now going to Twitch Con at the end of October!!  I may have some cool giveaways in the future (including passes to Twitch Con) so stay tuned for that.  I am also going to New York Toy Fair at the beginning of November.  Those in addition to Forest City Comic Con, New York Comic Con, and Fall Quilt Market make my next few months extremely busy.

Now to rush to make stock for Dragon Con.  If you didn’t see videos of the Exploding Kittens booth, I present the video of Jordan and I buying goods and random items.

Made it to Maryland safely! While I decompress from GenCon here is a lovely video from when Jord and I made purchases from the Exploding Kittens booth and bought "random" items.

Posted by Quiltoni on Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Gen Con!

Tomorrow is the start of GenCon and I am super excited!  It is one of my favorite conventions.  This year you can find Craft Hackers at Booth 1753.

Nicole and Marc from Rice Hat Samurai are both joining me again this year!

Marc has some amazing new jewelry, Nicole has a lot of new dolls and plush, and of course I have new quilts, pillows, quilt patterns, and quilt kits!

Nicole and I are also teaching classes again!  Nicole’s classes and some of mine are sold out, but there are still a few classes available.  You can also bring generic tickets and if someone doesn’t show up you can sit in on the class.

English Paper Piecing Quilt Technique

Date/ Time /Game ID:

  1. Thursday, August 17th/ 10:00am /SPA17103527
  2. Friday, August 18th/ 10:00am /SPA17103528
  3. Saturday, August 19th/ 9:00am /SPA17103529

English Paper Piece a Catan Board Quilt

Date/ Time /Game ID:

  1. Friday, August 18th/ 7:00pm /SPA17103534
  2. Sunday, August 20th/ 12:00pm /SPA17103535

Crochet a Hogwarts Infinity Scarf

Date/ Time /Game ID:

  1. Thursday, August 17th/ 12:00pm /SPA17103530
  2. Friday, August 18th/ 11:00am /SPA17103531
  3. Saturday, August 19th/ 2:00pm /SPA17103532

Pattern Giveaways!

Welcome the God of Mischief to the Quiltoni pattern line up!

Because the God of Mischief has now joined our line up, we have a give away!!  Comment on the Facebook post with your favorite notion for a chance to win.  The drawing will be on Facebook Live as well as Twitch at 1pm est tomorrow.

Speaking of giveaways, I have reached over 100 followers on Twitch!  That means it is time for another giveaway!  To win a pattern of your choice (from all of the current patterns I offer), you need to do a few things.

  1. Follow me on Twitch
  2. Watch tomorrows stream that starts at 1pm est
  3. Comment in the stream chat sometime tomorrow between 1pm and 2pm est.
  4. If you “subscribe” to my channel you will get an additional 5 entries (if you are an Amazon prime member, it’s free!  Just link your amazon prime account).

It’s that easy! I will have the Twitch program randomly pick someone in chat to win a pattern of their choice!

So make sure you comment on the Facebook post and tune in tomorrow for your chance to win 2 patterns!!

Quilt Commissions

I have officially closed commissions that are guaranteed by Christmas.  My next few months are going to be extremely busy!  That being said, I am trying to get through as many of my commissions as I can before the wave of conventions start.

Last week, I worked on making a weighted blanket live on Twitch.  You can see the video on my You Tube channel.

This afternoon I plan of working on Tetris quilts.  Tomorrow I will be working on a Ghostbusters Twin Sized Glow in the dark quilt.  Make sure you tune into my Twitch account if you would like to watch live!

Two weeks until GenCon!  I am so excited to each English Paper Piecing classes.  The classes are filling up, so make sure you sign up soon if you are interested.

Con Bravo

Friday is the start of Con Bravo in Hamilton, Ontario and I will be there with Megan!

We can be found in the artist alley at booth O08.  Swing by to see the amazing corsets, quilts, pillows, dice bags and of course patterns!  I have a new quilt kit that will be debuting at Con Bravo.

This is a special quilt kit that can be done completely by hand!  You can purchase the kit for $30.  If you would like some hands on teaching, there are still spots available at GenCon!  

See you this weekend at Con Bravo!

Classes and Classes!

This past Tuesday I had an amazing time with the Youth Sewing class at the Family Centre.  We made some pretty cool hair ties (that also double as skinny neck ties).

I LOVE teaching classes.  It really energizes me and makes me love sewing even more (if you can believe that).  We have a really cool idea in store for the next two adult classes, so if you live in the London area, keep an eye on my social media.

Speaking of classes, I still have some openings for the GenCon classes I am teaching.  They are selling out fast, so if you want to learn English Paper Piecing, sign up soon!

English Paper Piecing Quilt Technique


Description: Learn to English Paper Piece, or get help with an existing project you are working on. In this class we will start with the basic hexagon flower using scraps of colorful and character fabrics (like Dr Who or Comic Books).

Class Length: 2 hours

Date/ Time /Game ID:

  1. Thursday, August 17th/ 10:00am /SPA17103527
  2. Friday, August 18th/ 10:00am /SPA17103528
  3. Saturday, August 19th/ 9:00am /SPA17103529

Cost: $18

English Paper Piece a Catan Board Quilt

Description: Learn to English Paper Piece by creating a small version of the Catan board, 9″ wide to be exact. In this class we will start with the basic hexagon shape and add on triangles (for sand) around the edges.  Options for finishing your miniature quilt will be discussed.

Class Length: 2 hours

Date/ Time /Game ID:

  1. Friday, August 18th/ 7:00pm /SPA17103534
  2. Sunday, August 20th/ 12:00pm /SPA17103535

Cost: $34

Nicole’s Scarf classes are all sold out, but don’t despair!  If you bring generic tickets with you and someone doesn’t show up, you can have their spot!

Now to make all of those kits for the classes.